Life on the Road – Wonderful but not for the weak of heart!

We wanted to simplify our lives and see the great outdoors around the country after living a very hectic life the last few years. Of course, we have had problems in the past organizing trips like this as there are so many things to take into consideration and it always seems like we miss something as a family. What we wanted to do this time around is make everything simpler and use as little space as possible, yet still have enough room to make everyone feel comfortable as we made the trek across America. At the end of the day, we wanted a rewarding experience that we could be proud of and that we could share with other family members and anyone we came across.

After renting cars and flying in the past, this time we decided to invest in an RV for a totally new experience. We have already learned that an RV gives us more freedom to see more sites and living on the road has bonded us as a family. Of course, every way has its own particular problems and it is not for everyone. This is what we discovered while traveling and here are some things you should consider before taking the RV plunge.

Minimal Storage Space

It doesn’t matter how little you have, we never seem to have enough space when traveling by RV and this will be one of the greatest challenges we have when going across states this way. Even the refrigerator can hold only so much. But living this way has forced you to learn a new way of living and to be more conservative with our space. We also have learned what is more precious and what we can live without.

Tight Quarters

traveling by RV

Say goodbye to personal space when traveling by RV because it doesn’t really exist anymore. We did not realize how precious alone time was until we had little to none anymore. We began to have hikes alone or setting up awnings to relax and get away from everything and everyone. We even learned how to plant certain things while on the road that needed little tending to actually grow.

Changing Community

We have met so many interesting people on our travels and this is one of the greatest rewards of traveling by RV. Traveling gives you the chance to meet different people, but it just as quickly takes them away as you are on to the next town, the next person, the next experience. We have learned to cherish them as we have them and not take them for granted.

Internet Speeds


This was one of the more difficult adjustments we made since we work primarily online and needed a faster connection sometimes than we could actually maintain. Of course, we found a hotspot and made things slightly easier, but nothing compares to being grounded with a stable connection. We learned to get a lot of work done offline.