Choosing the Best Microphones

When asked which microphones we use when recording and on tour, we definitely have a few favorites that we suggest to performers that are searching for the best option. If you take your vocals and shows seriously, of course you want to have the best option possible that fits your budget and your genre of music, tone, et cetera. It doesn’t matter if you have a home studio, record in a professional studio, or make spur of the moment audio, a decent microphone is an absolute must if you want to be heard clearly.

With so many years of experience performing on the road and recording in both small and large studios, we know a thing or two about good microphones and the following are some of the best on the market and cover just about any price point.

Rode NTK

If there is any brand that we stand completely behind as artists and performers, it is the Rode NTK, which is easily one of the most preferred brands for those that work in the industry. It is built to be sturdy, provides a clear sound that most artists note as one of its best features, and it will produce quality sound for many years. Its wide frequency range ensures that all the necessary sounds are picked up and you don’t have to worry about a lot of interference when you are recording.  

They are definitely worth the investment even if they are slightly more than most brands out there. Usually, we must have guitars featured in our tracks, which means having a great microphone is an absolute necessity. So, if you can afford it and have a bit more money to invest on a microphone, this may be the best option out there.

Audio-Technica AT2035

This is probably one of the brands that we like the most because it really captures the vocals better than most microphones out there and also produces a quality that few can compare with. Plus, it seems that everywhere we go, it is usually available in recording studios, which is another true sign that it is trusted throughout the industry, which makes us feel that much better for selecting it as a choice.

When we are in the studio, we can expect to get a crisp and clear sound from the Audio-Technica, as it picks up every little nuance that makes a great recording truly pop. Say goodbye to amateurish effects and frequencies that compromises the final cut. With its high-pass filter, you can switch things up until you have the sound that you truly want. Since we are acoustic players, it makes for the perfect complement for a recording. Even better? It is priced lower than other brands that offer a similar microphone and by investing in this model you can save a bit of money until you want to move up to an even better, higher-priced edition.

Neumann TLM-102

For premium vocals each and every time, look no further than the Neumann TLM-102, a microphone that is considered one of the premium models on the market today – and for good reason. Boasting exceptional audio quality, crystal clear vocal recording, and much more, there are literally no better options on the market today.

Of course, this model costs a bit more than others out there, but with all of its immense benefits, it is definitely worth the money. When we want a polished sound, there is no other brand to trust. We moved up to the Neumann TLM-102 as soon as we had the money to spend on an exceptional microphone, and you should too.